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How To Apply for Dream Big RI !

Chasing Dreams Scholarship

At Dream Big RI we’re raising funds and bringing together a community of those who hope to accomplish greatness and chase their dreams so that when they wake up every morning they find joy in doing what they love. So many people let their fear of failure take over their true passion. We hope to make a positive impact on college students and help them out of their comfort zones. Please join us by supporting our efforts to make a measurable difference in the lives of others. There is no cost to apply as generous Businesses will be blessing 5 lucky people with a Chasing Dreams Scholarship

Scholarship Intro: Welcome

Dream Big RI at a Glance

Dream Big RI knows that our strength lies not only in the words we stand by, but most importantly through the actions of our initiatives. Our Non-Profit Organization realized that by working together we could overcome our challenges much more efficiently, and that is why we ultimately decided to launch Dream Big RI as a team.

Scholarship Intro: Who We Are

What it Takes to Apply

Our Roots

Taking part In this movement is very simple and requires minimal effort!

  • Create a 4-6 minute video introducing yourselves and answering the questions we have provided. 

  • Fill out Google Form provided on website

  • Write a short 150-200 word essay on how this scholarship can positively impact you on your journey 

  • Dm us on Instagram and reshare our post tagging us when we upload it

  • Social media participation 

  • Feel free to send in your favorite quotes or sayings and we will put them on our story tagging you   

  • Polls / Questions weekly

  • Possible weekly raffles with tshirt winners and shout outs on Instagram  

Scholarship Intro: Who We Are
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