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James McGovern

James McGovern created the nonprofit organization Dream Big RI with the vision and drive to inspire others to go after what they want in life. During this past semester, James competed in a bodybuilding competition, became a certified personal trainer, and launched his own company all while working and being a full-time student. This gave him a sense of excitement for his future, knowing that whatever he puts his mind to he can achieve with resilience and the love for people around him. Nothing makes him happier knowing he gets to do what he loves for a living and feel fulfilled by his work every day. His mission with Dream Big RI is to inspire others to do the same, to live a happy life fulfilled by the work they do.


Taber Gates 

Taber Gates, a Senior at the University of Rhode Island has joined James McGovern and Nicholas Arcata to create the Non Profit, Dream Big RI. Taber feels Dream Big RI can help students chase their dreams and pursue what they are truly passionate about by facing fear and taking risk. A worry of his is that too many people settle and do not wake up every morning knowing they love what they do. Taber also has a knack for helping others as he previously started another Charitable foundation called FTK Christmas Challenge which raised money for kids in need at Hasbro Children's Hospital. Recently, he just received an internship with the RISBDC and looks forward to taking his business experience and skillset to the next level. Taber is a finance major and entrepreneurship minor which makes sense given his entrepreneurial mindset. With his determination and commitment, do not be surprised if one day he is leading the charge with something he truly loves.


Nicholas Arcata

Nicholas Arcata is a senior at the University of Rhode Island studying Finance. He teamed up with James McGovern and Taber Gates to help start Dream Big RI because he believes in doing what you love and following your dreams. He has previously worked with the Immune Warrior brand which follows a similar belief system, is a certified personal trainer, and spends much of his time helping with his family's business. With intense training and lots of discipline, Nicholas finished his first spartan race this summer. This moment helped him to realize with the right preparation and the right attitude you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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